Friday, July 25, 2008

Collecting Leaves

Our June nature study was spent learning about leaves. We printed out a illustration of a leaf from enchanted learning. We coloured, labelled the parts of the leaf and then spent some time learning them and stuck it into our notebook. We went outdoors in our garden looking for various types of leaves. The children collected a few samples to use for their art work. They took some time to properly look at the leaves, even using a magnifying glass to study them closer. Then they compared colours, texture, shapes and smells of their collected leaves.

We watched the tuitional on handbook of nature study to learn some tips on drawing leaves.

Pernella & Charlie chose a few leaves to do some leaf rubbings in their nature journals using crayons. They painted a nature scene, then they sketched some leaves and used pastels to colour and shade them in. The children did some beautiful work.

Later back in doors we spent some time looking in the 'encyclopedia of discovery on nature' about incredible plants and lastly found a Bible verse that mentions trees and wrote it in their journal for copywork.

Oh to be a geologist

A recent outing to a homeschooling family's home was a huge success. The family have over three acres but the best thing ever (according to Pernella & Charlie) was the dry creek bed at the bottom of the garden. (In the wet season this is a deep flowing creek).

The children were sent down to gather a few rocks to bring back to the house to paint. After quickly painting a rock, my two went back to the creek bed to spend more time examining rocks, looking for cystals and eventually making there way back up the hill with hands and pockets full of rocks to take home.

Just for fun