Monday, August 4, 2008

Pernella & Charlie's Plant Lapbooks...

This lapbook was a lot of fun to make and we learnt so much about plants, leaves, trees and flowers.
We ended up with so much information that we had to add an extension to the folder.

I think this was such a successful project for them both as it wasn’t just sitting down and learning theory but also lots of hands on things to do. We spent a lot of time outdoors in gardens, national parks and the beach looking at all types of plants. We went to a plant nursery and chose some herb seedlings to grow in flowerpots. The children planted them, watered them and even used them when cooking. We watched nature documentaries and read lots of books. And then of course is the fun part of cutting out, colouring and sticking everything into the folder. Which is then surpassed only by the proud look on their faces showing their work to Dad, Nanny and Grandad.

So a little about what we learnt was photosynthesis, uses for plants, their life cycles, stems, how seeds spread, the roots and habitats of plants. The parts of a flower and plant and what they need to grow. The plant structure, what is a fruit, leaves, seeds, types of plants, parts of plants we eat and a bit more besides.

We used a variety of resources to make this lapbook.
There was a free plant lapbook at mediafire
Lapbook on plants at homeschool helper
Lots of information at Homeschool Share
Enchanted Learning
and the cover page from Notebooking Nook

In the beginning....

I thought the children would enjoy making a series of A4 posters to show the seven days of creation.

We had a lot of fun ripping up paper, creating collages, finding pictures from magazines and using stickers to create our wonderful masterpieces. After they had finished I laminated them. Most importantly the children learnt how God made our truly, amazing world that we live in and we had seven fantastic posters on our wall to remind us every day.

On the first day of creation the Lord God did make the heavens, earth and light
Genesis 1:1-5

On the second day of creation the Lord God did make the sky between the waters
Genesis 1:6-8

On the third day of creation the Lord God did make the dry land, seas and plants
Genesis 1:9-13

On the fourth day of creation the Lord God did make the sun, the moon and stars
Genesis 1:14-19

On the fifth day of creation the Lord God did make the fish, sea creatures and birds
Genesis 1:20-23

On the sixth day of creation the Lord God did make the land animals and man
Genesis 1:24-31

On the seventh day of creation the Lord God did rest...
and all things made were very good
Genesis 2:1-3