Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Pineapple Lapbook...

We kept this lapbook simple and fun to do. We took photos of our excursion to the Packing shed and stuck them into our lapbook with a one-line description of what was in the photo.

The children wrote a brief outline of their visit. I made a couple of basic (very basic) mini books for the children to fill in and stick in their books.
The main focus of this lapbook was on their visit to the packing shed and not on so much detail of the pineapple industry as a whole. We did cover where pineapples grow in Australia and included a labelled map. We looked up how long it takes for pineapples to be ready for harvesting and what needs to happen for the crops to grow well. We included some pictures of pineapples growing in the field and of course we learnt that the botanical name for a pineapple is Ananas Comosus. It was called a pineapple because its shape looked like a pinecone.

Pernella's Lapbook

Charlie's Lapbook

Lapbooking is great for all of us to sit around the table and work on it together. As Pernella is in grade three her lapbooks have more detail and more writing in them then Charlie’s does. (Much to her disgust! Big grin!) I have brought them magazine holders so that they can keep their lapbooks/notebooks in them and so they can look at them anytime. (Which they do often) I find with lapbooking or notebooking they learn more on a chosen subject then if we were just reading from a workbook or textbook and filling in the answers. With a lapbook they are left with a beautiful item of work to display and show around to the family.

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dottie said...

I found your blog through HSS. What fantastic lapbooks. I just started lapbooking -- each of my girls has completed a lapbook. I love seeing what other people do. I think the thing I will like the best about lapbooking is the flexiblity. You can use pictures from a field trip, use templates from a website or (if you are creative) make your own. Also, I love the idea of magazine holders to store their lapbooks. I will be using that idea. Thanks for sharing.