Sunday, January 31, 2010

I love the wet season...

I love this time of the year...
and then
more rain... perfect!

It always amazes me each year what a few days of rain does to our garden ~

This is taken from the back of our garden. This easement runs along side of our home and when the rains come we suddenly have river views from our windows...

This photo is from the front of the garden

The other side of our home

The front garden ~

and of course this is what you can do when you suddenly have a river appear overnight in your garden ~

boat rides courtesy of Daddy ~ big grin


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh MY goodnesss!!!!!!!!
We have had abit of rain but if it makes a puddle we are lucky!
How fun is the "boat" rides!!!
These kids are going to grow up with great happy memories!

Renata said...

Hi Helen
Thanks for visiting my blog. Your yard looks amazing...what gorgous rain you've been having there. We even got a little bit down here today!! Those boat rides look like great fun - I know my kids would love to do that!
It's wonderful meeting another Aussie home schooler.

Just have to add your baby is adorable!

Tracy said...

Ah it brings back memories. I love always loved the rains too, until the children started getting stir crazy from being housebound, lol. We've been having lots of rain out here too and the rivers are flooded, but the ground soon dries out.
I hope you are going to post you're Hungry Caterpillar plan. ~smile~