Saturday, March 19, 2011

Easter Island project - 25 June 2010

I thought of this different idea for Geography that the children really enjoyed doing.

I got them to choose a country and Pernella choose Easter Island.
She was given a opened up manila folder, in which she got to draw the outline of Easter Island in the middle and paint it. We then used the internet to look up information on Easter Island, so much information - and this even led to reading blogs about peoples travels to the Island and their on line photos that they took. Really interesting...

Pernella then printed out pictures of the island showing its tourism, currency, flag, schools, churches, culture, famous landmarks, the plants and animals that inhabit the Island. Its Airport, streets, supermarkets & cementary. Pernella cut out the pictures and stuck them around her map and then wrote little tags and stuck them under the picture to explain what each picture was.

Pernella also wrote facts she discovered & stuck them on the folder also. For example the language spoken, why it was called Easter Island and did you know that it is one of the most remote inhabited places on earth.

The folder was used as a learning outcome to display what Pernella (and even me) got to learn about this fascinating country just by reading about it on the internet & looking at it in our Atlas. Easter Island has such an interesting history and the Moai are amazing to behold. This small country even has volcanoes on it & is definitely on our list of places to see one day.

Rano Kau Volcano

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