Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting organised...

I decided to get better organised with Lola’s monthly Í Can Do’ theme’s...
I wrote a list of the remaining months of the year and then next to each month wrote down a theme I want to explore with Lola.

The list is ~
March – Bears
April – Colours
May – Under the Sea
June – Bugs
July – Australian Animals
August – Trees and Flowers
September – Sun, Moon and Stars
October – My Five Senses
November – Dinosaurs
December – Christmas

I then made up a cover sheet for my Í can do... learn and play activities’ file.

I also made up ten label cards for each month and theme, laminated them and put each one in a seperate pocket of the folder.

So all is left is for me to think of and find different activities/ideas for each theme, write or print them out and file them in the theme pocket, ready to use. It will also be a great reference tool for when Molly is ready to start these type of activities.

So I have been thinking what are some other fun to learn themes I can use – feel free to put your ideas in the comments section.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

WOW! Lots of work in all that organisation.
WiLL make easy work of it later though.

Themes Hmmmm? Need some thinking time on that one but how bout to begin with:
Fur,fins and fauna

Renata said...

I love your list! What a great, fun idea. What about different parts of Australia?
Have a great week
Renata :)

Tracy said...

You're so organised it's giving me a headache. Wait maybe that's my headcold!?
As for ideas I think Days of Creation is a good one to start remembering. ACE talk about them alot in the early years, so good to get them down pat. You could do seasons, but there are only 2 where you live so that could be hard, lol.