Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Excursion to the Dam

Ross River Dam

On the way to the viewing platform

The roar of the water

The open gates

Saharna on the viewing platform ~ enjoying the spray of the water

The Ross River

Our homeschool group's theme for this term is water. Quite appropriate as it is Townsville's wet season. Our first excursion was to the Ross River Dam. It was a very hot and humid morning after all the rain, but well worth the visit as the dam was at full capacity and they had to open up the gates for the overflow to go into the Ross River.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

WOW! It looks roaring allright!
I would have kittens with my Kids that near! Yikes!

Tracy said...

Brings back memories. Did you remind them that Mr Pires worked on the upgrade of the dam? He spent alot of time on that job. It's nice to see the results.

Tracey said...

Cool...a Townsvillite. I grew up in Townsville.

You have an awesome homeschool group too.

I'm going to enjoy reading your blog!!